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Performance Pictures
Performance & Award pictures from the 2007 Irish Dance Academy Feis.

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IMG_8365_05-19-2007 IMG_8366_05-19-2007 IMG_8377_05-19-2007 IMG_8378_05-19-2007 IMG_8379_05-19-2007 IMG_8381_05-19-2007 IMG_8386_05-19-2007 IMG_8387_05-19-2007 IMG_8388_05-19-2007 IMG_8389_05-19-2007 IMG_8390_05-19-2007 IMG_8391_05-19-2007 IMG_8392_05-19-2007 IMG_8393_05-19-2007 IMG_8395_05-19-2007 IMG_8398_05-19-2007 IMG_8399_05-19-2007 IMG_8401_05-19-2007 IMG_8409_05-19-2007 IMG_8411_05-19-2007 IMG_8416_05-19-2007 IMG_8418_05-19-2007 IMG_8420_05-19-2007 IMG_8423_05-19-2007 IMG_8427_05-19-2007 IMG_8428_05-19-2007 IMG_8430_05-19-2007 IMG_8431_05-19-2007 IMG_8436_05-19-2007 IMG_8437_05-19-2007 IMG_8440_05-19-2007 IMG_8441_05-19-2007
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